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September Dohrmann

September Dohrmann is the current President and CEO of CEO Space International. In what called a “must-attend” for entrepreneurs, the CEO Space Business Growth Conferences are strategically scheduled five times each year to create a steady pace of growth.
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The Start of An Incredible Journey: Eco Green Auto Clean

February 10, 2016 / Leave a comment / by September Dohrmann





Dinesh Gauba is the co-founder of Eco Green Auto Clean, a company that manufactures and sells a complete line of eco-friendly plant-based cleaning products for any type of automotive vehicle.  

Eco Green Auto Cleans’ mission is to transform the car washing experience for companies and individuals washing cars. In doing so they can help to save the 100+ billion of gallons of water wasted and environmental pollution caused by traditional car washing practices every year.

Dinesh is has been a member of CEO Space since 2010, and I recently had the pleasure of connecting with him and his beautiful wife Shelia.

We stood outside in the desert rain back in October of 2015. The successful couple decided to come by and hang out with us for the tail end of our event. I think we talked a good hour or so, the conversation was so inspiring time seemed to just fly by. I found that Dinesh has a very fresh and innovative mind, so it was no surprise that we started talking about awesome new ways to innovate our businesses.

He also updated me on the exciting things going on in his company and the role CEO Space played in the birthing of his fast growing eco-friendly company. He’s picking up so much traction around his genius solution for a urgent situation we’re facing with the water drought, I felt compelled to share what he’s up to, and what he contributes to the ongoing success of his business.


S: Where did the idea come from to start a company that addresses a global problem?

D: Well, we launched Eco Green Auto Clean about 3.5 years ago when I meet my current business partners at CEO Space. We hit it off really well and decide to form a relationship, which led to the launch of our company Eco Green Auto Clean about 6 months later.


S: What awesome things are happening around your business?

D: Well, we recently launched our first ever online outreach and awareness campaign to save 2 Billion gallons of water per year called One Cup, One Car.

 We’ve had a cover page story written about us in the San Francisco chronicle, which then led to a whole host of major TV stations visiting our car wash that week for news interviews/stories that were aired online and on prime time news.

(Dinesh also had a second article in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

This has helped us create a ton of great awareness about what we’re up to.

AND, we’ve also been featured in (thanks to another connection at CEO Space) 


S: Wow! That’s a great boost in momentum!

D: Yea, it all has immediately resulted in a boost of our product sales online for several weeks, which is always a pleasant surprise. 


S: Tell me about the growth you’re experiencing in your business?

D: The company has been steadily growing with our products and is being used in many U.S. cities and countries around the world. We estimate over 200,000 cars globally have been cleaned so far using our products. 


S: What do you attribute to the growth?

D: I would attribute the growth to a combination of things:

1) Our Team.

Having a dedicated and passionate team that provides great service and is continually educating people about the issues with traditional car washing and the wonderful benefits of cleaning with our eco-friendly products.

 2) Location. Location. Location.

Having our showroom car wash located in the heart of Silicon Valley (Redwood City CA) allows us to show off our awesome product and service. This has led to many key business contacts that have helped open up new opportunities for us.

 3) Being Mindful of Opportunity

The extreme ongoing drought in California has made people more open and inclined to finding a better way to save water and cause less pollution. Washing a car with our products allows them to save anywhere between 50 - 150 gallons per wash and eliminate toxic runoff into the storm drains. 


S: Tell me about your experience with CEO Space around your business.

D: For me, CEO Space is more about the culture and the energy of community that brought this idea and opportunity into my universe; which I'm grateful for.

I’ve received advise in the areas of legal, accounting and personal development. I've gotten good advice from several of the faculty during the forum itself and formed good friendships/relationships with them; which has been great.


S: Where do you see the business in the next 6 months? Next year?

D: Over the next 6 months, I see us forging more relationships with city/government agencies to start using our products to wash their vehicle fleets. We're also increasing consumer awareness with our One Cup, One Car social media campaign.

In the next year, I see us further expanding our distribution network and having our product being used in even more countries and by more brand name corporate customers. We are always looking for people or connections that could help us make faster progress in our mission. <end>


I tell ya, I really enjoyed our conversation and feeling the excitement of such great momentum and progress. It's clear that Dinesh is well on his way to building a great company, and we are so happy for him and his team!  

If you or someone you know would be interested in collaborating with Dinesh on progressing Eco Green Auto Cleans' mission, drop a note below and we'll make the connect. 


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